07 August 2017

I'm moving

01 August 2017

Affinity / Affinities

a natural liking for someone or something
and both fulfillment and longing, it does bring 

you are captivated and you don't know why
it doesn't fit with obvious logic, but you still try

you're drawn to things that have a certain appeal
or to people because of how they make you feel

a four-legged friend who is eager to please
the solicitous demeanour which puts you at ease

the open countryside and quaint simple folk
the obvious grin and chuckle on your inside joke

the lyrics and the music that you love to hear
the comfort and reassurance to allay your fear

an early walk, the crisp air and the morning dew
an unexpected 'hello' from someone out of the blue

taking the trip to your dream destination 
unpretentious simplicity or natural sophistication

the romance of flying and the love of travel
someone's esoteric ways which you try to unravel

the clear blue skies and the lush green farms
meeting after a while and a welcome with open arms

the first rains and the smell of the wet soil
the unquestioning acceptance after a period of turmoil

sunrise and sunset, sublime before and after
the exuberant company and the incessant laughter

the reticent solitude and walking the extra mile
the indulgent attitude and that disarming smile

a feeling of déjà vu, like you've been here before
just spending time together and then some more

the immersive experience of reading a good book
the covert cognizance and that 'i-know-you-know' look

conversations with yourself, to refresh and renew 
a memento exchanged that says 'i'm thinking of you'

the divergent paths you often chose to tread
the quiet understanding when it is said without being said

each one of these, alluring, but for no discernible reason
yet always and ever changing, like the flavor of the season 

one of life's key lesson that you should really be learning
is the delicate balance between contentment and yearning

18 July 2017


at times you are distant even when with the crowd
though you are really not, sometimes you do seem proud

powerful like the tempest and gentle like the breeze
you navigate places and people with such quasi ease

you are totally fatalistic and that's how you chose to see
your multifarious affiliations, they are just meant to be

affinities come and go but some things stay the same
how you give and what you get and how you play the game

you really crave to belong and to have people around
but simultaneously you're certain, you don't want to be bound

from being a social butterfly to a being total recluse
it's poetically apposite to see why, you are your own muse

11 July 2017


a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause
you continue to tread the usual path, despondent, but without a pause

when? where? how? and why? did all of this have to start
who has put you in this quandary? your mind? or is it your heart?

you want to wish away this frenzy, things should be steady, even slow
but what is the solace that you seek? i think, even you do not know

you're unsure about some feelings, thinking that they are contraband
and that just makes it so much harder, to feel, to fathom and to understand

the reason for your discomfiture is, most likely, not what you think
but scatterbrained is what it makes you and you're almost on the brink

you dig deeper, looking inside, without judgement, without stigma
but to your own self, more than anyone else, you will always be an enigma

there's probably no real reason for despair, but naught you can do
you wear that usual smile of yours, but your eyes, they betray you