11 July 2017


a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause
you continue to tread the usual path, despondent, but without a pause

when? where? how? and why? did all of this have to start
who has put you in this quandary? your mind? or is it your heart?

you want to wish away this frenzy, things should be steady, even slow
but what is the solace that you seek? i think, even you do not know

you're unsure about some feelings, thinking that they are contraband
and that just makes it so much harder, to feel, to fathom and to understand

the reason for your discomfiture is, most likely, not what you think
but scatterbrained is what it makes you and you're almost on the brink

you dig deeper, looking inside, without judgement, without stigma
but to your own self, more than anyone else, you will always be an enigma

there's probably no real reason for despair, but naught you can do
you wear that usual smile of yours, but your eyes, they betray you

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